Big changes this month were dropping the DreamFeed and the 3rd nap.  He did this LITERALLY like 2 days after I posted his 6 month update.  Other than that there’s not much to report.  When we dropped the 3rd nap he was initially a little fussy in the evenings but adjusted quickly.  The two remaining naps moved back a bit and spread out as he can now tolerate about 3 hours of wake time before he needs a nap.  This makes it easier for us to go and do which we are loving!

He started waking in the middle of the night briefly.  He has been STTN for a long time with the exception of a couple of nights during the 4 month sleep regression. But with this we knew he wasn’t in pain or teething, he wasn’t hungry, and he wasn’t wet.  We had no explanation.  So Eric took him to the doc on monday fulling expecting to  hear he had an ear infection but nothing was wrong.  It’s not time for a Wonder Week or growth spurt so the diagnosis was that he’s going through something developmental that’s affecting his sleep – i.e. learning a new skill – so we’ll see what is coming next.  She thinks his awareness has also expanded and that he now understands that we can come and go and he wakes up and wants us in there.  It happened about 3 nights this week which wasn’t HORRIBLE but it’s been an adjustment when you’re used to sound sleeping.  The doctor suggested we not keep running in there every time he fusses so the last couple of nights we let him fuss and he was back asleep within 20 minutes or so.  We are so lucky we’ve never had to do “cry it out” as he rarely cries like that.  This is mostly fussing/chatting.  We discovered the first couple of nights of this that when we went into his room repeatedly he would amp it up and really start crying and we would end up staying in there with him…so we resisted the urge to go in the past couple of nights and he fussed a bit and went back to sleep.  Thank goodness. 

He’s sitting up 24/7 and fusses when you lay him down.  He reaches for everything in sight and tries to put it in his mouth!  He still hates tummy time so I’m worried he’ll never learn to crawl!  With the new schedule we get out more and more.  We go on long walks and we are able to go out to dinner with him.  He is SO chill when we go out places.  He just observes everything around him.  Last night we went to grab dinner with my dad and he kept leaning back in the high chair and I realized he was flirting with the lady in the booth behind us who was talking to him and making faces. He is so funny!!! He will giggle and babble for anyone that shows interest.

He still loves when you sing to him and we do it alot.  Hope he’s going to love music like we do! He’s also really into the dog but the dog could really care less about him.  I hope this changes.  Jackson is completely obsessed with Ritter’s Sophie teether and stares at it non stop when R is playing with it.  But he knows better than to go after it.  It’s because it squeaks.

22 lbs, 14 ounces
28 inches long
12-18 month clothes
about to go into size 4 diapers…


Current Schedule:
Wake/Feed 7-7:30 (7.5 ounces)
Soothe Down 9:45
Nap at 10
Wake/Feed 12:00 (5-6 ounces)
Solids 12:15
Soothe Down at 2:45
Nap at 3
Wake/Feed 4:30-4:45 (5-6 ounces)
Solids right after
Bath at 7
Bottle at 7:30 (7.5 ounces)
Bed at 8

Recent Photos:
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