About Katie


I’m Katie.  I’m a wife, mommy, a health nut, a fierce dog lover, and a passionate fan of football.  I love neatness, old things, activism, craft beer, kale, kind people, and Oprah.  I hate cigarette smoke, laziness, cold weather, messes, and bad parenting.

I love being a southerner and from Alabama – although I hate our backwards politics.  Despite that, I live in a very forward-thinking city and adore being surrounded by good food, art, music, and the friendliest people in the world!

I eat more vegetables than should be humanly possible and I hate fried food.

I believe compassion is the most important quality we can instill in our children and it’s too often under-valued by many parents.

I’m a therapist and one of the lucky few who always knew what I wanted to do with my life.  I’m beyond blessed that I get to live out my passion every day!  I believe everyone is capable of personal growth and change given the right tools.  I just started a private practice and I’m incredibly excited to see where my new career venture leads.

I write like I talk …which results in lots of grammatical errors and overuse of ‘dot dot dot’…I apologize in advance if this bothers you!  I post random thoughts, recipes that most people won’t attempt to make, and sometimes my opinionated rants about controversial issues.  I am quite sentimental and  tend to be overly expressive with my feelings.  Being a therapist, I firmly believe that talking about our feelings is a good thing…and I do alot of that through this outlet.

Since having my son I post ALOT about baby stuff.  I am trying to get back to regular blogging about other stuff but it’s hard…and let’s face it, having a baby consumes you.  But, if you’re a new mom, you’ve come to the right place!



2 thoughts on “About Katie”

  1. I stumbled on to your site by way of a google search about Leap 4 (Wonder Weeks) and wanted to just say you have a lovely family and I appreciated reading your blog. My son turns 4 months this week and we are heading into some sleepless nights, I’m afraid. Best to you and yours!
    – Gina

    Ps It’s nice to hear someone from the South sharing their positive values. 💖 from Seattle.

    • Thanks! It’s crazy how many people find this post and I wrote it 5 years ago. I still have the best sleeper ever! And yes, not all southerners are bigots! We have quite a progressive city in the midst of a very red state.

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