Ritter is cruising right along and growing like a weed.  I can’t believe how much he’s changed over the last couple of months.  He’s such a little person now.  He has a huge personality and will let you know exactly what he likes and doesn’t like.  He still naps and sleeps like a champ and I’m really grateful for this.  He will occasionally wake early in the mornings but we can go in and give him the paci or swaddle him and he’s content until wake up time around 7.  He’s been a bit fussier this week (going through another wonder week plus teething and 6 month shots) but overall he’s still his super happy self.

He can’t get enough of his toys these days.  He will play with something for a few minutes and then get bored with it.  He’s in a phase where you have to entertain him constantly.  Gone are the days of laying him on his tummy gym while I get ready in the mornings. Now I’m constantly moving him from the jumper to the GoPod to the musical gym while I get ready.  Putting on makeup and drying my hair while entertaining a 6 month old is a chore.  But once he becomes more stable sitting on his own I believe he will be able to entertain himself alot better and that part will get easier.

He’s also very easily distracted at this age.  Since he’s been teething he’s been a bit fussier so we use distraction quite a bit.  It’s amazing how he will go from crying his little eyes out to laughing in a split second when you distract him with a song or by tickling him.  Then he goes right back to crying.  It’s funny to watch.

What we are loving right now:
1)  The Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces.  I really notice a difference when Ritter wears this consistently.  They are not for chewing – the babies wear them and the amber releases oils that naturally fight pain and inflammation.  You can read more about these here.

2)  This Jumper – super easy to move from room to room.  We don’t use it alot but it is usually the sure fire way to entertain him while I dry my hair in the mornings.

3) This High Chair – it attaches to a regular kitchen chair and saves tons of space.  We needed this in our tiny house.  I also love how easy it is to get him in and out and how easy it is to wipe clean!

4)  Sophie! This teether is pretty amazing.  When you read about it, it’s not surprising why it’s so expensive – and popular!

Current Schedule:
7-7:15 Wake
7.5 ounce bottle at 7:15-7:30
Soothe down 9:15
Nap at 9:30

6 ounce bottle 11:15-11:30
1/4 cup solids at 11:45-12
Soothe down at 1:15
Nap at 1:30
6 ounce bottle at 3:15-3:30
1/4 cup solids at 3:45-4
Soothe Down at 5:15
Cat nap at 5:30
Wake at 6
Bath at 7
7.5 ounce bottle at 7:15-7:30
Bed at 8
3.5 ounce dreamfeed around 11

Current Photos:
IMG_3974 IMG_3988 IMG_4004 IMG_4007 IMG_4017 IMG_4025
-First time really sitting up on his own.  Wobbly and leaning forward alot but doing it!


IMG_4080-He loves his big boy high chair!

IMG_4090-Fun with daddy before bath! 

IMG_4117-First trip to Publix with mommy!

IMG_4124IMG_4152IMG_4156IMG_4168IMG_4171-Big news – Ritter’s first cousin, Allie Greer Venker was born 1/23/14

IMG_4172-Let us never forget #SnowJam2014 – this was right before things got AWFUL in Birmingham and Daddy had to spend the night in his office 😦

IMG_4182-Big boy at his 6 month checkup rocking that hat like a pimp!


IMG_4195IMG_4198-Sitting up and playing with his “laptop” from Uncle Rich and Aunt Ardith!

6 Month Stats:
6 months