Day 3 – Your Favorite TV show

I’m not really a huge tv person except for the news.  I watch MSNBC constantly.  I try to catch Hardball with Chris Matthews and Countdown with Keith Olbermann every day but my FAVE news show is The Rachel Maddow Show.  Other than news shows, I would say my fave would be Oprah.  I’ve been watching my whole life and I have to say I’ve learned alot from her show.

In case your interested…you should check out Rachel’s show on MSNBC at 8 central nightly.  She delivers the news in a very educated but witty fashion.  She’s super smart…got her undergrad degree at Stanford and she’s a Rhodes Scholar – received her PhD in politics from Oxford in England.  Here is the link to her show’s site.  And here is the link to the show’s blog which is very interesting and informative.