So I am sick as a dog, have had the most hellacious 2 days at work, AND my closet just collapsed from the weight of all of the clothes Eric has added … BUT I committed to this damn 30 days of blogging so I’m doing it.  I am probably going to have to have a contractor come out tomorrow and fix the closet, probably have to miss work, and then miss work again to go to the doctor to figure out what the hell is wrong with me.  I just want to scream right now.  Between New York and the Bahamas trips I haven’t been able to get back on my regular schedule at the gym and now all this.  I am beyond excited that Eric is moving in and we are taking that next step but moving little by little every night this week has completely exhausted him because he’s up til 1 (or later) in the morning and then gets back up at 6, works all day, then comes home and starts moving stuff.  On top of all that, I haven’t been much help because I’m sick.  Now I have to find someone to come fix the closet because all of our clothes are in the floor.  And ALL I really want to do is go to work, do some therapy, go to the gym and come home.  I miss my freaking routine.

OKAY…now that I have had my little rant I feel better.  I know this is all temporary AND I know that I am beyond blessed that I have been able to go and do so much this summer…BUT it has been SO exhausting.  I just plan too much freaking crap.  But look at my parents.  My dad is on the road 90 percent of the year, and my mother is probably out of the country more than she’s in it.  Both of my parents go and do and travel non-stop…I’m doomed to the same fate.  I am convinced, though, that it will keep me young.  Or something.

NOW…30 Days of Blogging – DAY 4 – Your Favorite Book

This is so easy…and probably predictable.  The ENTIRE Harry Potter series.  I know I know…of ALL the books I’ve read, all the classics, how could I possibly pick this?  Well, all I can say is that I devoted 7 or so years of my life to these books, I became completely lost in that world and I have never been so entertained and emotionally wrapped up in something I’ve read like that.   The writing is so good, the plot is complex and gripping and imaginative, the characters are so well developed…say what you will but JK Rowling is an EXCELLENT writer.  Sure, I have read LOTS of books that moved me or captivated me but nothing that did it for 7 years…I think it’s just that I spent so much time dedicated to it and thinking about it that it holds more meaning for me.

You know I have to add a couple of other recent faves just for recommendations sake 😉

The Pillars of the Earth

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Okay Good NIGHT!