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2013 was a “goodun” as my country self likes to say.  It was a pretty low key year for Eric and I…compared to others.  We took in some shows and made some trips – but not quite as many as we usually do.  Because, after all, we were cookin’ this little guy.


I’ll be honest…the year FLEW by.  With all the baby excitement, it seems like it was over in the blink of an eye.  But life changed so significantly this year.  What an incredible blessing Ritter has been in our lives.  Looking back over the year I realized I never posted all of these belly pics in one place.  Kinda funny looking back on them now!!!  It’s really neat to see how much I changed.  I’ll be so glad I took all these one day!

10 weeks 5 days 11 weeks 5 days 13 weeks 6 days 15 weeks 0 days 15 weeks 5 days 17 weeks 5 days 19 weeks 2 days 20 weeks 6 days 22 weeks 4 days 23 weeks 5 days 25 weeks 3 days 26 weeks 3 days 27 weeks 2 days 28 weeks 1 day 29 weeks 5 days 30 weeks 6 days 31 weeks 5 days copy 33 weeks 2 days 34 weeks 2 days 36 weeks 2 days 37 weeks 2 days 38 weeks 4 days

And of course, the next week I had him.  The doctor was right about my due date all along!  And if you follow my blog you know all about our delivery of course!  And here are some of my favorites from Ritter’s newborn shoot by the oh so talented Little Acorn Photography!  Also check out their blog post about the shoot!

Ritter_NB_FullRes_013 Ritter_NB_FullRes_021 Ritter_NB_FullRes_073 Ritter_NB_FullRes_079 Ritter_NB_FullRes_097 Ritter_NB_FullRes_144 Ritter_NB_FullRes_146 Ritter_NB_FullRes_154 Ritter_NB_FullRes_157 Ritter_NB_FullRes_177 Ritter_NB_FullRes_188 Ritter_NB_FullRes_201 Ritter_NB_FullRes_206 Ritter_NB_FullRes_219 Ritter_NB_FullRes_224 Ritter_NB_FullRes_256

The year brought other blessings besides our sweet Ritter.  I made the leap into the world of private practice and was welcomed into the family at Pitts and Associates.  I’ve been there almost a year now and I’m so happy.  It’s a wonderful group with wonderful clinicians and staff.  I feel so blessed to be doing the work I’m doing.  There were some uncertain times at the beginning of the year when my contract ended with Cooper Green – but the good lord opened a window when that door closed.  This was such a good move for me.  I look forward to growing my practice at Pitts for a very long time!

Favorite moments of 2013 ….

This tops the list of course…

Meeting Josh Ritter with Ritter in my belly – probably one of the most surreal moments of my life.  Now I play Josh Ritter music for Ritter while I feed him.  Talk about a full circle moment…

Being surrounded by my special friends and family celebrating Ritter at our shower…

Celebrating my 1 year anniversary at the beach with Eric….

Welcoming Harrison Daniel Miller into the world…along with Nash Carter Presley, the Dewitt twins, and lots of other friends’ babies.  Ritter has so many besties already!

We saw a couple of awesome Isbell shows!  One at sunset in beautiful Railroad Park!
IMG_0515 IMG_0536

So many awesome things happened in Bham while we were pregnant too and since we’ve had Ritter we’ve tried our best to take advantage…we finally took in a few Baron’s games at Regions field downtown and actually got to see them win the Southern League Championship.

IMG_0623 IMG_0156

And we FINALLY got to attend a show at Iron City.  Man how we waited for that one…and it was Isbell…on Eric’s bday…pretty perfect!  I also got to see my football team win another national championship this year…can’t forget to mention that!  And finally, we had a wonderful first Christmas with Ritter.  It was a great year!  I’m so grateful for the blessings in my life!

Ritter is 5 months old and he’s already such a little man.  He has a huge personality.  I’m so looking forward to watching him grow.  2014 is going to rock! Bring it!