I don’t think I’m very talented so I asked Eric…

He said cooking..specifically how creative I am with substituting healthy options and making things taste really good.  Tonight I made this desert with butternut squash, toasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, stevia and a little vegan butter…he said it tasted just like pumpkin pie!  So sure, I guess that’s a talent.  I’ll go with it.

I asked for a second option and he said I have a talent for talking to people, putting people at ease, being comfortable in conversation.  That means alot to me.  I try to do that for sure.  I think when I decided to be a therapist alot of people thought 1)  I was too crazy myself to help others (haha!) and 2) that I talk too much to listen!  Well luckily I found a great balance of taking my own experiences along with my therapeutic knowledge and defining a good style for myself.  As for the excessive talking…I am surprisingly subdued in session.  I’m directive, yes, but I listen and reflect alot.

That’s all for today!