Not that I haven’t given much thought to this topic (I’ve only been thinking about it my whole life…what girl doesn’t?!?), but I guess since it hasn’t happened yet I don’t wanna go into too much detail about my vision of it.

Here’s what I do know for sure…

Unlike most women, the dress, flowers, colors, and cake are of little importance to me.  The things I care most about are:

1)  the Guests – I want the people who are most important and special to me to be there to share the day with me!

2)  the Photographer

3)  the Venue

If those three things are good then I could care less if the dresses were neon green…okay maybe I would care about that…but not much else 🙂

*I do know I want it to take place in some beautiful and historic site… an old church or historic home preferably…would you expect anything else of me?!?

*As much as I could daydream over a destination wedding like New Orleans, Charleston or Savannah…I know that I really want it to take place here in Birmingham.  I love this city.  Plus I want everyone to be able to attend and destination weddings are expensive for friends and family.

*I know that I want everyone to be comfortable and I want the reception to be laid back and fun.

*A sit down meal …not finger foods.

*Lots of booze!

*A fun band or DJ.

*Unique wedding favors – I already have some nifty ideas!


and last but not least…


***** NO BUBBLES *****  …sparklers, rose petals, bird seed…hell you can throw rocks for all I care just NO BUBBLES!!!!  (I hate bubbles)