Blah…this bores me.  I’ve already blogged about my favorite books.  I think following this list is becoming more and more difficult.  I shall make my own list when this is all over!  But anyhoo, a fictional book…

So I just went around the house moseying through all my books and realized I read ALOT of non fiction and biographies.  I would get into all that but I’ll save it for tomorrow’s post.  Other than the Harry Potter Series, I haven’t read ALOT of fiction..not alot that really stands out at least.  I guess Pillars of the Earth would have to be one of the more significant ones.  I mentioned it in an earlier post but I’ll give you a little more detail here….

It’s really really freaking long but sooo worth the investment of time.  It spans years and years..it’s one of those epic stories.  It has love, war, religion, tragedy, triumph, and a wee bit of a history lesson of sorts.  In a very stripped down synopsis, it’s essentially about the building of a cathedral in the middle ages.  But there are so many stories and plots that intersect in this endeavor and it becomes all complex and juicy and captivating.  Even though it’s long it totally keeps you hooked.  There is a sequel called World Without Endthat some of my friends have read and they highly recommend it.  As soon as I pass this licensure exam I’m on it!

Also as a side note…there is a Pillars of the Earth mini series running on Starz right now – DON’T watch.  I’m watching only because I’m interested to see how they’ve adapted it, but it’s basically crap (cinematically speaking) and doesn’t do justice to the book