Okay seriously? In college my friend Fuzzy called me OCDC.  I have no idea what the last “C” stood for …I think it flowed better.  Point is…I was just known for being anal as hell about dirt, germs, messes and the like.  My “friends” (not my close ones) liked to mess with me…. if I left the room they would rearrange things on my coffee table, move books around on my bookshelves and even DE-ALPHABETIZE my DVD’s – I’m talking to you Gene Isbell.  It drove me nuts.  I’m a fun person but everyone knows I’m …well… particular.  Since college though, I’ve mellowed a bit.  I would have to say the thing I have probably become worse about is germs and hand washing.  I’m a freak about door knobs.  All I can think about when I approach a door is how many people have touched that door knob and where their hands have been.  I go around at work with a paper towel or wet wipe to open most doors.  Now keep in mind that I work in a residential mental health facility with teenagers …some of whom don’t like to bathe and wash their hands often.  ALSO…many of the staff seem to think that hand sanitizer is a replacement for hand washing WHICH IT IS NOT and don’t make the kids wash their hands.  I have even seen some of them come out of the bathroom, not wash their hands and not use hand sanitizer and no one says a thing.  Furthermore, alot of the kids bitch when you ask them to wash their hands.  It baffles me.  But there is something about 14 year old boys…they just want to be dirty all the time.  On top of that we have little outbreaks of the occasional infection, stomach flu, virus, etc. and my immune system is weak enough so I take all the proper precautions.

If I really look closely at myself though, I have to admit that I’m even worse about something else…my kitchen floor.  If you have been to my house you KNOW exactly what I’m talking about… let’s take a look


I’m sure you’re saying “awww that’s so cute”…cute my ass.  That black and white floor is EVIL.  I swiffer and mop EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And I can’t use any of those mop pad things like the swiffer wet jet…the cleaners they use all leave streaks, like a film, on the floor.  So I have to get down and mop by hand with a special floor cleaner.  I’m telling you the damn floor shows everything.  Every spec of dirt or drop of water …EVERYTHING.  And shoes, oh my god, you can wipe your feet like 50 times and walk on that floor and it still shows footprints.  I can usually manage pretty well with it just being Eric and I.  I do my regular swiffer and mop routine each evening but when there are parties I absolutely want to cry.  I feel like I can’t even enjoy having people over because of the floor.  If someone goes into the kitchen to fix a drink or wash their hands and they drip water on the floor, then someone comes along and steps on that drop of water, it leaves tracks all over the kitchen.  It’s unbearable.  If I had the money I would rip up that floor so fast.  It makes me so angry at the previous owners for putting it in to begin with, but I feel like they didn’t truly know how bad it would be.  They had a freaking toddler and I know the mom was a neat freak like me…how in the hell did she do it?  Before I chose a tile for a room I would take a sample and walk on it, put dirt on it, mop it to see if it shows streaks, etc.  I have even gotten to the point where I put beer coolers on the front porch and keep a trash can in the living room for empty beer bottles during parties…just to avoid people walking into the kitchen for any reason.  I know that’s terrible but I seriously can’t enjoy myself…and it it such a freaking process to clean the damn thing that when it gets really dirty it becomes quite time consuming.  So if you’re reading this and you come over this fall to watch football…keep my craziness in mind and take your shoes off.  I feel bad for asking but if people volunteer I definitely won’t complain 😉