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Well…lots to catch up on.  I always feel so guilty when I don’t blog on a regular basis but this summer has been nuts.  Been traveling and going to shows and when I AM here I’m catching up at work or sleeping because I don’t seem to get much of that these days!  BUT….I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer so far and wouldn’t trade a minute of it. 

Okay so CC… if you haven’t read my previous post, The Music Gods, please do. Anyhoo, The show was exactly what I expected.  The table section was filled with socialites who could care less about the music, talked and sipped wine as expected.  They sat the whole time, had no energy and ignored the band’s pleas (along with mine) for them to get up.  So basically the energy sucked and the setlist was composed of alot of crowd-pleasers but I can’t complain because I knew that’s what it would be.  I still went nuts and soaked in every second of it cuz that’s what I do.  But after you’ve seen as many CC shows as I have, you start to compare and contrast because they are all different.. and some are just simply in a league of their own!  You can view the pics by clicking HERE!  I’m still living for Eric to experience a GA show with me.  Who knows when that’ll happen though.  HOPEFULLY when the special guest is no longer freaking AUGUSTANA.  OMG shoot me now if they tour with them ONE MORE TIME. 

Moving on!  Our trip to the bahamas was blissful.  There was a teensy tropical depression named something that moved over us and brought some wind and rain.  I was very upset because I had planned on getting alot of sun and the water was too rough for us to do alot of the water activities we had planned…BUT we still got to fish and snorkel and I got PLENTY of sun.  It was in and out, but lord when it was out it was strong!  Unfortunately, Eric got a bit sea sick when we were fishing.  The water was rough and he hadn’t been boating much in his life.  Bless his heart.  But he was a trooper.  Puked off the side of the boat then grabbed his rod and went back at it!  He even got back on the boat the next day in even rougher water.  I heart him!  But all in all it was awesome.  We got to spend some quality time with mom and Greg and we ate some amazing food.  The chef at the lodge cooked special for me the first two nights and then on the last 2 nights we cooked at the house because Greg had caught so much freaking fish.  I just love it down there so much.  Their place is so far from everything touristy and developed.  It’s untouched and beautiful.  We saw sharks, sting rays, dolphins, star fish…the whole nine.  We even tried to save a beached dolphin that was stuck up on a sand bar.  You can see all the pics from the trip by clicking HERE!  And visit the club’s website here:  www.deepwatercay.com

What else?  Oh we are going to New Orleans in a few weeks.  Just the two of us.  Just for a weekend trip.  It’s one of my favorite cities EVER and Eric has never been.  I usually prefer to go in the spring or fall and I know it’s going to be dreadfully hot and muggy right now, but we are going anyway.  Once football season starts up there won’t be much traveling going on except to Tuscaloosa or Auburn.  Then the holidays will be here!  So it’s our last chance for the 2 of us to get away and I’m just dying to get back to NOLA! 

One last thing…

Eric and I are coming up on the 1 year mark and I just want to say that this past year has been the best of my life.  Every day I am more and more amazed by him and I feel so incredibly blessed to have him in my life.  He is an amazing human being and I have absolutely no idea how I managed to find him.  But I did!  I’m so excited about embarking on another year with him…another football season, holidays, birthdays…all of it is better because of him! 

Okay enough mushy stuff. 

BTW ..Football is in the air people..can you feel it!?!  35 more days!  GET READY!!!  ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!