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I don’t mean to be annoying with my “everyone should be healthier” spills but this is my blog, dammit, and I want to rant about it so I will……

I am so sick of walking through the grocery store and seeing the crap people are buying and feeding their families. It really disgusts me. I know…I don’t want to be that person who lectures everyone about their health…and I don’t really. And this might sound a tad…um…something… but here goes. Our welfare and medicaid system is being drained… by many people with health issues related to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. MY hard earned money is footing the bill. So it royally pisses me off to see people who are clearly taking advantage of that system next to me in the check out line with nothing but sugary, fatty, processed foods in their shopping carts. For instance…last night in walmart two women who probably weighed at least 350 pounds each were in the line next to me. I was buying dishwashing detergent and toilet paper as I don’t buy groceries from walmart…but that’s not the point. I look over and take a gander at their buggy. Soda…not diet (not that it would be any better for them)…sugary cereals, little debbie snacks, chips, frozen pizza, cookies, hamburger helper….CRAP. ALL CRAP…NOT FOOD. Not a single f’n vegetable. Maybe a canned one somewhere but it was probably hidden beneath the bags of chips so I couldn’t see it. And it was probably corn…don’t get me started on corn. I drive home and see all the cars in the line at the fast food restaurants and I want to scream. Seeing Food, Inc has really done a number on me about food… but more than that I’m beginning to realize a bigger issue that’s at play here…NO ONE COOKS ANYMORE!!!! And by cook I don’t mean putting frozen lasagna in the oven or browning meat for your hamburger helper. I eat more green vegetables in a day than I care to admit (it’s kinda sad actually)…but there are people who get none in a week …or longer. What kills me is that people think it’s hard to be healthy…it’s not. I can get a super healthy, nutritious, TASTY meal on the table in 30 minutes flat. You have to know how to use your kitchen…the simple basics of steaming, sauteing, baking, broiling…but for crying out loud…IT’S NOT HARD! I know alot of it is cultural…people eat the way they were raised and just don’t have the information. But I think you’d have to be living under a rock to not know that potato chips and Little Debbie’s aren’t good for you.

Families don’t eat together anymore either. Everyone just microwaves something and goes to their room. It just makes me sad. I know I get a very skewed view of society given the line of work that I’m in and the population I deal with…but if my tax dollars weren’t going to support their poor habits I wouldn’t get so worked up over it. And since I know what it’s doing to our food supply and ecosystem I bothers me even more….it’s like smokers who don’t give a shit what they are doing to the rest of us. GRRRR.

Due to health issues I was forced to cut out processed foods and alot of other things from my diet. I used to be hooked on low fat graham crackers, jello pudding, yogurt, wheat thins…not that those are particularly horrible but they are highly processed and loaded with sugar. But anyway…after I cut out that crap I realized what it had been doing to my body and I was blown away…which is why I don’t miss it one bit.

I BEG of you…watch Food, Inc…pick up one of Michael Pollan’s books…either Food Rules or In Defense of Food….it’s not a case for veganism or vegetarianism…it’s a case for FOOD. Real food.

And just on a side note…this was my dinner…a bubbly, cheesy, healthy tomato florentine soup with a little bit of cubed tofu thrown in for texture, protein and joy! Made in less than 20! Followed up by chocolate mud cake which took about 10. Booyah! What did you have for dinner?