Yesterday I was running on the treadmill listening to one of my favorite CC boots. I believe it was during Mrs. Potter…I heard a voice, very loudly, in my left ear yell “HEY!”. I was startled, scared half to death, immediately turned to look and sorta jumped at the same time. You know that startled jump you do when someone walks up behind you and scares you. So yeah…I turned and kinda jumped while running …and yeah I fell…yelling “SHIT!” as I went down. Mind you, this all happened in the span of mere seconds. As it did, the voice repeated another loud “HEY” and continued on to finish his sentence: “Hey! Can you see over me?” I realized… no one had crawled up onto the treadmill and gotten right up in my ear…it was the damn taper of the friggin’ bootleg I was listening to. It was just weird because when you are rocking out and you hear someone yell “Hey!” you think that voice is coming from the same place you are. And of course I had the volume up so loud that it seemed like the person was right next to me.

After I collected myself and settled back into my run I began laughing hysterically thinking about what others around me might have just witnessed….girl running on treadmill…turns, looks to her left and jumps, as if startled by something imaginary….then yells an obscenity and busts her ass. Pretty funny huh?