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Dinner: vegetarian stuffed peppers!!!

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I make many many variations of this dish.  I also love stuffing yellow squash, acorn squash and tomatoes.  Try mixing it up and stuffing different things.  Alot of people do stuffed peppers raw, without pre-cooking them, and use raw meat also.  I find that just takes too much time and prep.  So I like to pre cook my peppers by roasting or steaming them in the microwave.  I brown my meat first also.  Then just throw everything together and put back in the oven to warm it through.

I also do two main variations of this.  One with a mexican feel where I add taco seasoning, black beans, and salsa.  And another where it is more traditional italian with italian seasoning.  Experiment yourself!

2 bell peppers cut in half, deveined and de-seeded
1 package ground turkey breast
Chopped sweet onion – about 1/2 cup
Any other veggies you want to add (chopped carrots, mushrooms, squash, zucchini eggplant, spinach, cabbage, etc.)
small can tomato sauce
garlic powder
onion powder
Salt free italian seasoning blend
Daiya vegan mozarela cheese

1.  Place cut bell peppers in a microwave safe glass dish, sprinkle with a little water, cover with plastic wrap and microwave for about 5 minutes or until slightly tender – not too soft.  Remove and pat dry.  Spray a glass casserole dish with olive oil and place pre-cooked peppers back into the dish.

2.  In a dutch oven over medium heat sauté onion and any other veggies you want to add.  Saute until tender and onions are clear.

3.  Add meat and seasonings to sautéed veggies.  Continue cooking until all meat is cooked.

4.  Add in can of tomato sauce and mix well.  Reseason to taste and allow to continue cooking on med-low until all the flavors are well combined.

5.  Mix in a little cheese to the meat/veggie mixture then stuff it into peppers.

6.  Top peppers with another little sprinkle of cheese and spritz with olive oil.

7.  Bake at 425 – 450 for about 15 minutes.

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