It seems like my sweet Ritter has changed SO much over the last few weeks.  The things he understands now just blows me away.  I’m a little late with this monthly post because we’ve been super busy AND he’s been super sick.  It’s his first sinus/ear infection :(.  Even though he’s uncomfortable and doesn’t want to eat, he’s still super happy and playful.  I’m so grateful for such a happy baby.  However, he completely LOSES it when we try to put drops in his nose or eyes or do snot suction.  He used to not mind so much when he was younger but now he’s super strong and knows what those saline drops mean…when he sees them coming he goes nuts.  It’s so sad 😦  I was surprised to see he only weighed 26 pounds when we went in to the doctor yesterday.  But I bet he’s lost some the past few days because he’s been pretty much refusing to eat.  26 pounds is still big for his age but I was sure he was pushing closer to 30.  ha.

The biggest thing we’ve mastered this month is CRAWLING! He’s been getting up on all fours for a while but just couldn’t figure out how to move forward.  He finally did this week and he’s been doing it more and more.  He still army crawls at times too.  But the main thing with him these days is that he is into EVERYTHING.  And if he wants something and he can’t have it, he melts down…until you distract him with something else.  haha.  He’s also pulling up ..or trying to.  On the coffee table, sofa, pretty much anything he can grab.  He wants to open and close everything.  Doors, cabinets, drawers, everything.  He also is trying to put on his own clothes from time to time.  He understands where they go.  It’s so cute.  If a pair of shorts are laying in the floor he grabs them and tries putting his feet in them.  He’s also observing how we do everything and trying to mimic us.  I was filing my fingernails the other day and he grabbed the file and then started moving it back and forth over my hand trying to mimic the movement I was just doing. He is SO SMART!  He’s also really into building and stacking things now.  He loves to build towers with his blocks instead of just knocking them down.  He also tries to organize his toys alot.  He puts them in little groups and sits them in a designated spot.  I hope these aren’t the beginning signs of OCD.  He also helps clean up.  He likes to put all the blocks back in the block bag.  We dump them out and bag them up over and over and over!

He’s babbling and chatting all the time now too.  He now routinely says “dada” or “dadeeeeee”, “hey”, something like “thank you”, and “good”.  He will try to mimic us when we ask him to say certain things at times.  He tries to say Jackson.  And the other day he was playing with a hat and said “HAT!”  So I guess he knows that one too! Other than that he still babbles the typical sounds like Ooooh, goo, tee, dooo, …stuff like that.  He’s also working on his party tricks.  He’s mastered “ear muffs” and claps on demand.  Still isn’t interested in waving bye bye though.  He’s really into hats. We have to keep a ball cap in each room because if he gets fussy you can pretty much always calm him down by handing him a hat.  Eric is always wearing a hat and he loves to pull it off of Eric’s head and try to put it back on.  I think he feels special when he has one of daddy’s hats!

The biggest thing I’ve noticed lately is just how into US Ritter seems to be.  He’s much more cuddly and wants to be held more.  He also seems to be more aware of what we are doing.  He watches us more and tries to mimic us.  It’s so awesome!  He also has started to cuddle stuffed animals and he loves to hold his blankie and cuddle it also.  It’s just the sweetest thing.  Today we were in the floor playing and he grabbed his blankie and a book so I put him in my lap and read to him.  He just loves to cuddle into you while you read.  He’s still super obsessed with books.  He still loves to open and close them and turn the pages but now he will actually sit in the floor with a book and “read” to you.  Last night he sat there and turned the pages and chattered for like 15 minutes.  I said to Eric, “you realize what he’s doing right?  He’s reading that book to us!!”  Even though he doesn’t make any sense, listening to the little inflections and tone in his voice when he’s “reading” is so so cute.  He’s totally trying to mimic what we do when we read stories to him.  I think he’s going to be really really smart!  Another thing I see hugely developing are his fine motor skills.  He can stack wooden blocks without them falling (when he wants to), he can manipulate shape blocks through holes of the same shape…but today was the kicker…. he took the top off a veggie pack and put it back on.  Seriously?!?

Even before he was sick his appetite was decreasing dramatically. They say this happens and they just naturally start self weaning from bottles.  So yay for that.  Once we get over this sickness are we going to move towards formula in a sippy and then transition to almond milk.  I don’t plan to do dairy.  Eric and I don’t eat it for the most part so I don’t even plan to start with him.  Plus with his dairy allergy when he was a newborn …he will probably always be sensitive to it like I am.

Our schedule hasn’t changed much.  Naps had been getting pushed back further and further because he can stand more awake time.  So he had gotten into the habit of napping at 10:30 and 3:30.  This caused him to sleep later in the afternoon and interfered with trying to keep bedtime around 8.  So we moved naps back to 10 and 3 and one of them is usually slightly shorter but he’s going down easier at night.  I think the morning nap will start to disappear within the next couple of months and we will move afternoon nap up.  My goals is to have him napping at 1 every day before he starts school at 15-16 months.  We will see if that happens. This kid loves to sleep so he might not switch to 1 nap very easily.  Even with all the disruptions lately and the sickness he is still sleeping 1.5-2 hours  at each nap and 11 hours at night.  I have so many friends with babies who have sleep issues…I literally count my blessings every day in this department.

Recent photos and videos:

IMG_5353 IMG_5798 11 months

Alot of stuff has changed just in the week since I took his 11 month picture!


Cuddling his doll!  So sweet!


Getting into our records!


At the doctor getting diagnosed with his first ear infection…but happy watching cartoons in the waiting room!

On a side note, I’m horribly guilty of taking iPhone videos vertically and they look like crap.  I just don’t think about it and it’s easier to hold the phone that way when you’re taking a video with one hand.