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…but it’s just the beginning!

I’ve got less than 7 weeks until Ritter is born.  It’s the end of my pregnancy but the beginning of everything wonderful and special we have dreamed about for so long.  From the moment Eric and I met we fought this constant battle to reign ourselves in.  We would get so carried away with emotion and dreams for the future and we were desperately trying to take things slow and be cautious and mature about the whole thing.  But we knew.  From day 1…from the first conversation…we just knew.  And family was our biggest dream.  I think when you find someone whom you value so much as a person it’s hard not to think about those things.  I admire so much about my husband and I always imagined he would make the most wonderful father and parenting partner.  We got so sick of people telling us to take our time after we got married.  We have enjoyed 4 wonderful years together…full of traveling and concerts, football games and national championships (3-1 to be exact), and full of little perfect moments too.  I like to think one of the best things about us is our ability to appreciate the moment.  The point is that we’ve REALLY enjoyed our time together.  We knew the next step for us was family.  So we waited 6 months after the wedding and began trying.  And it couldn’t have been a more perfect time.  We knew this was our plan.  So we ignored everyone saying it was too soon and went right on with it!  I’m so glad we did!

Life threw us some curve balls through this pregnancy but everything turned out perfectly!  And even though we aren’t moved into a bigger house yet, we are perfectly content where we are for now.  We are both in wonderful, stable places in our careers too – which the planner in me loves!  We are aware of how big of an adjustment a baby is.  We are aware of the changes and sacrifices and we are prepared for them.  We have planned and researched and studied every aspect of birth, infant care, sleep schedules, education philosophies, parenting… I know it was overkill but I like to be prepared.  I want to be the best parent I can be!  I know what a gift this is and I do not plan to take one second of it for granted.  I feel that way about Eric.  Through all the crap and bad relationships, God led us to each other.  So we focus really hard not to let the little unimportant things get in our way – we recognize how blessed we are to have found what we found in each other.

I’m constantly tired but so energized at the same time wanting to busy myself with all of the preparations.  I have lists and timelines coming out of my ears!  I’m also a bit emotional these days.  Full of really happy tears.  I’m so grateful for all of the people and experiences that have led Eric and I to this point in our lives.  I’m so thankful for the support we’ve had.  We are so very blessed – I think I say that all the time and worry that it won’t seem as genuine as it is…but it is so true.  I feel so grateful and blessed all of the time.  God is so good!