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Um…Hello…how y’all durrin’? It’s been quite a while since I posted.  Since I last blogged, I have attended 2 NASCAR races, I watched my favorite driver win at Dega, my football team won a national championship, I had the most incredible wedding EVER, I went on a killer honeymoon, I became an aunt, I got a new job, and I celebrated a birthday.  I’m pretty sure that translates into me being the worst blogger ever because I didn’t manage to blog about one bit of it.  But let me tell you, wedding planning is serious stuff.  I never imagined I’d be so busy…even with the help of a wedding planner.  Now that all has settled down, I’m back to a somewhat normal routine and plan to resume regular blogging.  Actually, I plan to be a better blogger than before …because I was awfully sporadic.  I plan to post more recipes too….because now that I’m a married southern woman, I own a crock pot…and creating healthy crock pot recipes has become my newest obsession!!!!  More on that later.  

So if you keep up with me on FB or twitter you’ve seen our awesome engagement pictures and my bridal portraits..but here are a few favorites.  All photos by Little Acorn Photography







Our wedding photos should be ready soon…can’t wait to share those 🙂  Here are a few snapshots from the weekend….



Gettin down on the dance floor..stompin’ my boots! 




And you can view the entire album HERE!


Oh, we also had a photo booth…BEST IDEA EVER!  Check those out here!  They are HILARIOUS!!! 


The wedding was everything I could’ve dreamed.  From the get go, all we said was that we wanted it to feel relaxed, we wanted good food and good music, and we wanted everyone to have a blast.  I think we accomplished all of that.  There were some hangups and a few things that didn’t go according to plan, but overall it was amazing.  Looking back I so wish I could slow everything down and take it in more.  I tried…I really did…but the day just moves so fast.  And there are SO many things you don’t think about…it’s just such an overwhelming experience on so many levels.  The whole weekend was such an adrenaline rush.  Starting with my bridal luncheon on friday and not ending until the wheels were up on our flight to Nevis on monday.  I didn’t sleep for 3 days.  That is not an exaggeration.  There was just so much excitement and nervousness and worry.  But, of course, the lack of sleep coupled with the adrenaline rush inevitably leads to a MAJOR physical and emotional crash.  Which, for me, looked like an hour of sobbing following by 12 hours of sleep.  But then…I was a new woman!


Funny story:  When Eric and I walked into our suite at the beautiful Tutwiler hotel following our reception, we were knocked over by the smell of food that had been sitting out in the room all day.  We had had food delivered for the wedding party earlier in the day and the whole spread ended up getting left out in the room…including RAW onions y’all!  On top of that, all of the furniture in the suite had been piled in the bathroom/dressing room area so that the photographers and videographers could set up for our First Look.  As soon as the first look was over we were ushered off to take wedding party photos and the room never got put back together o
r even cleaned up.  So there we are, on our wedding night, me in my dress and Eric in his suit…moving furniture and throwing away rotting food.  I just kept saying “this isn’t how I saw this going.”  So…advice for future brides… if you are having your wedding party get ready in your bridal suite and/or doing your first look there…you should designate SOMEONE to make sure the room is put back together and in somewhat of a “romance” mode for when you return on your wedding night.  It’s little things like that that I didn’t think about.  But…hell…it makes for a good story now.  However, after all the furniture moving was over and we hauled all the smelly food out into the hallway…I collapsed into tears and nothing could soothe me but my gluten free wedding cake 🙂  


Seriously though…we tried our best for the wedding to be a true reflection of us, but also of our love for Birmingham and The South.  We used hand picked (by my mom) cotton from a friend’s cotton farm for our center pieces, bouquets and boutonnieres.  We featured locally brewed beer from the new brewery in our neighborhood, Avondale Brewing Company.  We featured local goodies in our welcome bags and used the bham skyline in our logo on all of our invitation suite.  They say “love is in the details” right?  Our wedding was full of so many special little details that were very…us!  I wish I could share all the special stories and moments with you all.  It was just such an amazing experience.  Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.  And our parents…I don’t even know what to say.  You made our dreams come true! 


 And my husband.  Where do I even start?  Against all the odds in the world, and through the weirdest circumstances, we found each other.  ha.  And it couldn’t be more perfect.  I am so excited about the journey we are taking together.    


Oh, and our honeymoon was SPECTACULAR!  Check out some pics here


That’s all I’ve got for now.  More to come!