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I’ve decided to start posting my run mixes on my blog.  Sometimes I shuffle, sometimes I create playlists, sometimes I pick one artist for the whole run, sometimes I shuffle within one genre – it always depends on my mood.  But I’m always looking for good workout mixes and I know other runners are too.  

Tonight I did 4.2 miles mostly on hills.  Would’ve liked to do more but there was a storm coming and it’s getting dark much faster this time of year.  I love late summer/early fall runs when a storm is brewing.  It’s windy and cool and the air feels electric.  Plus there’s always that thought that the bottom might fall out any minute so you run faster trying to get the run in and get back home. A few leaves have started falling and they were blowing and rustling around and there was an eerie, cloudy darkness.  It was killer.  I made it back just before the rain started!

Tonight was REALLY random! ha!  But here it is….

Ryan Adams – Dance All Night 

Rolling Stones – Sweet Virginia

Limp Bizkit – Rollin’

Live – Selling the Drama

Kid Rock – Bullgod

Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

Beatles – Come Together

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

Prince – Seven

Neil Diamond – Amazed

Lady Gaga – Hair

Elton John – All The Girls Love Alice

Billy Joel – You May Be Right

Hanson – A Minute Without You (don’t laugh – I used to FREAKING LOVE Hanson and I always smile when they shuffle onto my iPod)