I am not sure what my absolute WORST habit is but I know I have a few bad ones….

1)  Tardiness.  I’d say one of my top negative habits is tardiness.  Let me say this though…unlike alot of people who habitually run late, I do not run late out of laziness or sleeping in.  I tend to run late because I try to do too many things.  I get up daily around 5:45 or 6 but sometimes don’t get out of the house until 9:30 or 10.  I can’t stand a messy house and I can’t stand to leave with things out of place, so alot of my tardiness is due to trying to clean and organize instead of being able to just leave things and get out the door.

2)  Overeating.  I am absolutely obsessed with food.  I have been since I was a child.  I have been very public about my lifelong battle with my weight.  I understand where my obsession with food and my weight issues stem from, but it is a CONSTANT battle.  Over the last few years I have been doing pretty well.  I eat incredibly healthfully and exercise 4-5 days a week but when I sit down to a meal it is a constant conversation in my head each and every time about how much I’m going to eat, whether or not I can resist going for seconds, etc.  I literally give myself daily pep talks about my food consumption… “this is plenty of food, you don’t need any more than this, you will feel full shortly – just wait a few minutes…”  I don’t see food as food anymore, I see calorie counts, grams of sugar and fat, etc.  One of the other reasons I think I battle with this issue is because of how much I love to cook and prepare food.  After spending the time to shop for the ingredients, prepare them and put them together into a meal, I want to enjoy it…to get my effort’s worth so-to-speak …so it’s hard to stop after one serving.  This may sound psychotic but it’s the truth.  And even though I eat very well and often eat just vegetables, I often just simply eat too much of it and then I feel sick.  I know I’m not alone with this constant inner conflict about food…if you experience this too please share.

3)  I use too many paper towels.  I feel guilty about it and wish I could stop but it’s soooo hard.

4)  I buy too many books and I’m not able to read them until months, or years, later.

Wow…can I really only come up with 4?  What am I missing?  I know I’ve got more.  Ha.  Guess this was a shorter blog than I expected it would be!