I decided I’d sprinkle in the last few entries of the 30 Days of Blogging Challenge that I never finished…

Day 24 – Where I Live

Well well well…my goal for this post was to take a walk around my beautiful neighborhood, take pictures with the 50D and put them in this post.  I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to blog…much less take pics.  Sad.  I know.  So…without the pics I’ll describe to the best of my ability…

I live in a beautiful, historic neighborhood.  I would describe most of the houses as being 1 of 4 styles:

(in order of most common)

1) bungalow / craftsman

2) rock / castle / English Tudor look

3) American Colonial / New England

4) Spanish / Mediterranean style

They are all so beautiful and different and unique.  Some of the bigger ones date back to the early 1900s.  Most, I would say, were built between 1910 and 1940.  Mine was built in 1946.  We have a little village with a market, shops, a couple of restaurants, art galleries, etc.  It’s really neat.  One day every month, all the shops and restaurants have specials for a neighborhood appreciation kinda thing.  It’s cool!  We also have several parks…the neatest being the “Triangle Park” which sits in the “split” where Clairmont Ave meets Essex Road.  There is a big field to run and play, some picnic tables, swings, and a playground area…even a sandbox.  The park is always packed with kids or couples reading on blankets, or dogs chasing frisbees….it’s wonderful.

Yes the houses are alot more expensive than if you bought in the suburbs….but the beauty, convenience, and charm make up for that…at least for me.  I love the hills, tress, beautiful historic architecture, quaint shops, and sidewalks.  I love that I can walk to the market and get groceries.  I love walking to the park and soaking in the day…

One of the things I love the most about Forest Park is the holiday season here.  All of the houses and shops are beautifully decorated.  Everything sparkles and glows.  I love driving through at night and seeing all of the tress in the windows.  One of the best things is the annual Christmas Carol Sing in Triangle Park.  The tradition has been going for a LONG time.  For Christmas last year my mom gave me the book The History of Forest Park and it has pictures from the Carol Sing back in the 70s… although I believe it has been going since long before that.  Unfortunately, the book doesn’t specify when the tradition started.  Every year someone brings hot apple cider and doughnuts (apparently this is tradition as well…the book said cider and doughnuts have been served since the beginning!).  Everyone gathers around and sings and then…..SANTA ARRIVES!!!!  Santa comes on a fire truck (as in most neighborhoods) and he gets out and mingles with all the kids and takes pictures!   It’s really neat!

I suppose alot of neighborhoods or communities have traditions and gatherings…but only a few have a backdrop this beautiful.  It is truly breathtaking!

I love how historic it feels here.  I love the old houses and the traditions.  I hope I never leave!