30 Days of Blogging – Day 6 – 20 Of My Favorite Things

I wasn’t able to finish this last night…long day…so I’m a little late.  Oops.

This is tough…I’m no good at making decisions…

  1. My relationship with Eric
  2. Family
  3. My house
  4. My iPhone
  5. Technology – the internet, instant communication, texting, netflix streaming, blogging, twitter…the list goes on and on
  6. Being a therapist and the feeling that I help people
  7. Coffee – particularly Starbucks coffee
  8. Cleanliness and organization
  9. My camera – photography in general
  10. Alabama Football – football in general really – everything that comes with football season
  11. Old stuff – old buildings, antique furniture, historic neighborhoods, old cities, history….
  12. My favorite pens which you can no longer buy in stores and I hafta order online.  The Pilot VBall Grip in BOLD!!!
  13. This could probably fall under technology but..my ipod and my vast and varied music collection…I’m mighty proud of it and go to great lengths to protect it and back everything up!
  14. My fuzzy bear…a stuffed animal I sleep with every night… yes I know :/
  15. Les Mills group fitness
  16. Victoria’s secret – for many reasons…pj pants, bras and the wonderful Slub Tee (name was recently changed to the “sleep tee”)  that I have in a zillion colors.
  17. Traveling …but also coming home!
  18. Chocos flip flops
  19. Having a tan
  20. Kindness