So…just a quick update from New York.  We were delayed a few hours getting here yesterday but finally made it around 4 local time.  We are staying at Joey’s place in Long Beach and then headed into the city tomorrow.  I am SO glad we decided to do it this way.  We get a few days out on the beach, enjoying the weather, soaking in the sun, etc. then we head into the city for the spa, tons of shopping and sight seeing.  What a perfect combination.  Relaxed, laid back pace of the beach, then the fast pace of the city.  So…I LOVE Long Beach.  It’s the quaint little beach community with neat shops, restaurants and bars along the beach, little cottages with white picket fences, people riding bikes everywhere, etc.  There is NO humidity.  Like for real.  Last night we sat outside and had a few beers and chatted.  I wasn’t cold or hot…it was perfect.  Today it’s hot but not humid.  We got up, made breakfast, then went for a run on the boardwalk.  Well, I ran and Joey and Abby rode bikes.  It was so neat to look out and see the waves crashing as I ran.  I was rocking my awesome new New York playlist too so that was great!  I must say this…Abby and I were totally judgmental on our way up here about “east coast beaches.”  We were talking about how the sand is brown and not fine like in the gulf.  I was in Myrtle Beach last year and it was so gross…more like dirt than sand that we are used to.  But the freaking beaches here are so different.  I know it’s not like this in most places up north or along the east coast but the sand is FINE and WHITE…it looks just like Pcola…I swear.  I will take pics to show everyone!  So that’s about it so far.  I’m also enjoying Joey’s MacBook quite a bit.  Sigh…..

Pics to come soon.  Love to all…