Okay…so here goes.  It is no secret that cigarettes are toxic, harmful, and deadly.  We don’t allow people to go into public places spreading harmful poisonous gasses or toxic chemicals, but we allow smoking indoors where innocent people are exposed to these substances.  How is that fair?  Cigarette smoke contains Arsenic, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Butane, and a number of other harmful substances.  In a smoky bar or restaurant, breathing in secondhand smoke is no different than smoking a cigarette yourself.  Smoking, even in moderation, is harmful.  If people choose to pollute their bodies they have the right to do so…but not at the expense of others:

A report from the Surgeon General about secondhand smoke: 



Just because smoking has been allowed indoors historically does not mean that it is right, or safe.  I have asthma and I am allergic to cigarette smoke.  If I want to go hear a band that I like I have to spend the entire following day puffing on my inhaler, coughing and wheezing…to the point that it interferes with my daily life, working, exercising, etc.  Why should I have to suffer so smokers won’t be inconvenienced?  They shouldn’t force non-smokers to be exposed to that crap…period.  Should I have to stay at home and avoid all social interactions, never hear live music or never have a beer with friends?  Unfortunately, that’s what it boils down to if I want to avoid cigarette smoke. 


As for the argument that banning smoking harms business, I advise you to do your research.  Studies have shown that, in cities where bans have passed, businesses were NOT affected by smoking bans and that some experienced GROWTH in business after the ban.  But that argument is pointless anyway because if ALL businesses are smoke-free then everyone is on an even playing field.  No business has an advantage over another.  There is a ton of research available out there on this topic but here is just one study that I found: 

Economic Impact study: 



Who gave smokers the right to smoke indoors anyway?  It’s disgusting, harmful and offensive and we don’t allow other harmful and offensive things to be done in public places but smoking is allowed?  Why?  Wanting clean air and a toxic free environment when I’m in public does not make me a socialist.  It makes me smart and healthy and if that’s what you consider socialism then so be it.  All I know is that I will live longer, I will feel better, I will have prettier skin, I will smell better, and I will not make others gag when I walk into a room.  Okay thanks!